Are you tired of second guessing if you are taking care of your dreadlocks in the best way possible?

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It does not have to be that hard! 

Join Ann-Marie from Seienstyle for the LIVE Masterclass "how to maintain your dreadlocks at home! " No more thoughts on how you should enjoy your dreadlocks in a better way! 

Yes I want my dreadlocks to feel and look great again!









Learn the proven system of how to maintain your dreadlocks at home!

You will get the techniqes that will make a huge differnce on your dreadlocks, no more second guessing if you are doing it the correct way you will know and be able to maintain your dreadlocks yourself from now on!

This is a online course where you will get help every step of the way of taking care of your dreadlocks!

Having dreadlocks can be a difficult thing, by looking on youtube and see all the different videos about dreadlocks and how to care for them but how do you really know if that is going to work for your hair or not?

Yes it is a tough one I know.

With over 19 years of working with dreadlocks 5 days a week and seeing so many clients that I have stopped counting them, I know what works and what do not work and I have make a system that will work on all types of hair so that you will be able to have a great dreadlock journey and to have those dreadlocks that people will be jealous of. 

No more thinking is dreadlocks really the right thing for me, I promise you that you will get the system to take care of your dreadlocks so that you will fall in love with them all over again! 

You will learn:

  • Basic home care that will keep your dreadlocks clean and fresh

  • What dreadlock products to use, and when to use them

  • How to maintain the roots, I will teach you everything you need to know crocheting the regroth of your dreadlocks.

  • How to mend weak spots with hair extension hair

  • A chance to ask your questions to me and I will guide you to how to fix it with extra video tutorials. We will be here for you so that you will get the most out of this training! 

This is what people say about this training

  • Ann-Marie is super passioned about dreadlocks and have so much experience and really care that you will learn the best techniqes possible!
  • I never knew that I was doing everything the wrong way for so long time, everyhing has become so easy now! Thanks so much Ann-Marie for taking the time to teach me all of this!
  • This training just came in the right time for me, now I can take care of my dreadlocks at home myself and I can look good and I do not have to feel that my dreadlocks are all over the place anymore. People are giving me compliments about how good my dreadlocks looks! I'm super happy that I took this course!

This training is different from any other online course that I have done over the years, I will get into details in how to learn how to take care of your dreadlocks and how you can crochet the reagroth without getting pains in your hands, or sticking holes in your fingers 😃 

I will teach you the maintain technique that  I usually only teach my students inside of my program on how to become a professional loctician.


So who I’m I?

Hi my name is Ann-Marie and I’m the face behind Seienstyle and the creator of all dreadlocks in Seienstyles salon in Stockholm Sweden. From the first time I made an attempt to make dreadlocks back in 1996 I have had a huge passion for this hairstyle and from 2000 I have been working with dreadlocks on a daily basis. I have helped people with different hair types and made up the best system on how to create dreadlocks and also how to maintain dreadlocks. My mission for the past 20 years has been to inspire people to have a more open mind when it comes to dreadlocks and to teach people you can take care of your dreadlocks so that they will be those amazing dreadlocks that you always have been dreaming about. By just learning the right system on how to maintain dreadlocks then it will become easier and everything will shift for you! 

Yes I want my dreadlocks to feel and look great again!



Includes a online course and a Live class on the 28th of March together with Ann-Marie you will learn everything that you need to know to maintain your dreadlocks at home. 

You get a chance to ask your questions about dreadlocks l and Ann-Marie will help you out with your issues with small video tutorials.

You will have lifetime access to this online course  for you so you can go back and look at it again and again.


Yes I want my dreadlocks to feel and look great again!