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Loc Maintenance with The Seienstyle Process Certification

Do you want to learn and master the skills of maintaining locs? Now you can learn The Seienstyle Process of maintaining locs in the comfort on your own home or salon.

What you will learn:
  • You will learn how to maintain locs / dreadlocks on any type of textured hair.
  • The Seienstyle process of loc maintenance is a system that will help you to maintain and fix the dreadlocks for any client that comes through your door.
  • It is a system that is designed for you to last as a loctician, so that you can work for a long time
  • It will help you work in a more holistic way without having bleeding hands or pain in your body when you have mastered this new way of maintaining dreadlocks
  • It is a system that makes your clients dreads to be fresh, and clean and have their hair maintained so it lasts, it is a magic system that is the only maintenance technique that helps the hair to lock up faster and mature faster when it grows out
  • You will learn how to mend and fix any type of dreadlocks it does not matter what problems they are in.
  • It is a system that you can maintain locs for, straight hair, wavy hair, curly hair and coily hair so you will be able to help any client that comes through your door.
  • You will get guidance on the best tools and supplies out there so that you can provide the best professional maintenance service (tools are not included in the online course)
How you will learn:
  • This is a online course with full instruction manual of learning how to maintain dreadlocks with The Seienstyle Process inside of the education you have detailed explanations on how to master this on different types of textured hair so that you can offer this service to anyone.
  • You will have access to coaching by Ann-Marie the creator of Seienstyle inside of our private support community
  • You will also have access to live video coaching calls where you can get direct guidance from Ann-Marie the creator and founder of Seienstyle
  • This is not your regular online course where you have to figure everything out by yourself you will get guidance and coaching when you need it.
Take a tour inside of the course here:
What you get when you enroll:
  • Lifetime Access to the online course Loc maintenance with The Seienstyle Process (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included (value $997)
  • Lifetime Access to our support community (value $200)
  • Personalized feedback and coaching by Ann-Marie (value $1000)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course How to take care of your dreadlocks at home(you get lifetime access and all future updates are included) (value $500)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course 30 day social media challenge (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included)(value $99)
  • Lifetime Access to the online course How to work smarter and not harder as a loctician (you get lifetime access and all future updates are included)(value $299)
  • You will get a Seienstyle certification in  Loc maintenance with the Seienstyle process  when you have completed your homework
 When you have finished the course and done your hair models you will be able to charge between $50- $350 for maintaining dreadlocks. The Seienstyle locticians charge between $50-$120 per hour for their loctician work.
It is a service that may people are looking for because they want their locs to be fresh and amazing.
By just taking in three clients to maintain their locs with The Seienstyle Process you will have gotten your full investment of $499 for the class. For everyone else you will just gain profit from, learning this system will be a huge investment in yourself and in your business because you will not only learn how to work in a better way so that you last longer you will be able to provide an amazing service that your clients will love you for. Happy customers will give you more happy customers!
90 -day money back guarantee 
It is super important that your are a 100% satisfied with our course so we do offer a 90 day money back guarantee is that within 90 day you have gone thru the whole course and done all the work, the hair models the pdf flies etc and you feel that this is not for me, then you can submit your work to us and let us know why you feel that this program is not for you then we will give you a full refund on your money. Contact us at [email protected] !
Please note for this course to work for you, it is needed that you are 100% coachable and open for shifting your perspective of what loc maintenance is and you must be willing to put in the work for it to work for you. 
If you want to pay with payment plan you can find that here: https://www.seienstyle.com/offers/fcF4DMbE