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The professional loctician online course (12 Payments of $199)

The proven system of making beautiful dreadlocks and the step by step guide to learn how to market yourself to attract the right type of dreadlocks to your new loctician salon! 


What is included in your Investment:


  • 10 content- packed training modules (value at $15.000)

  • Direct coaching with Ann-Marie thru Our community

  • Private Community 

  • Dreadlock hair model facebook group

  • Introduction of you on Seienstyle’s social media

  • Office ours Interactive LIVE coaching calls

  •  2 Course Bonuses (value at: $500)

  • Invitation to all future Seienstyle workshops

  • You will be apart of Seienstyle’s amazing community of locticians from all over the world!

  • and more…….


Please note that tools are not included in the course! You will need to do a $80 investment to get your professional tools!



90 -day money back guarantee 

It is super important that your are a 100% satisfied with our program so we do offer a 90 day money back guarantee is that within 90 day you have gone thru the whole course and done all the work, the hair models the pdf flies etc and you feel that this is not for me, then you can submit your work to us and let us know why you feel that this program is not for you then we will give you a full refund on your money.
Please note for this program to work for you, it is needed that you are 100% coachable and open for shifiting your perspective of what dreadlocks is.



What People Are Saying:

I've learned so much! A completely new technique of doing dreadlocks. I learn how to manage my time and what I finally wanted out of my carrer. All I want to do are dreadlocks! I feel like I have made a better road map for my life, less fear and I finally feel like Im doing completely what I love if is a good challenge. If you are thinking of doing this course then make sure that you have plenty of time, You need to put yourself into the program. It is very hard work but rewarding, do not give up, do not make exudes just make sure that you stay exited everyday! It is worth the hard work an your life will change into a rewarding one!

Jamie - USA

The course is an all round course, that taught me all about how to build up a business on top of a great technique. It has pushed me in the direction of taking my self serious as a professional. I'm normally very confident and I need to have all the information I can get my hands on, in order to provide the best service for my clients. The course gave me all that. I've done synthetic and wool semi permanent dreadlock extensions for +15 years and many of my clients wanted real natural dreads. Now I can help my clients to get to the next level. It's a big step for the clients to get dreadlocks. They put their trust in me as a professional and I take it very serious to be able to take their hand and guide them on this great journey. Dreads is a drastic change - not only in looks, but it changes people on the inside as well. If you are planning on taking this course then be aware of the time needed for the classes. In the beginning it's not that hard, but when you start takning in models, you use a lot of time. I didn't calculate that the models would take away so much time from my regular paying clients, so not only does it takes time - the models pay a symbolic price, and I did not put money aside for the lesser income. Make sure that you really want a big change in your own life. If you think this is "easy money" then it's not for you. Making dreads is something that you need to bring your very best every time. You use a lot of mental energy because you are shaping another persons life. You need to be very professional and it will take up a lot of your time and your life. I'm working towards going into dreadlock making full time. At this moment I have reduced my working hours at my "office job" to only two days a month. But it's a very big step to put all your eggs in one basket and really trust the process and the craft. But I'm getting there and feeling the change. I'm really proud of my work and everything I've built up.

Desirèe D'Aniello

-What do you feel that you have learned? An awesome method of high quality Dreadlock making! -What are the biggest shifts happening for you after the course? I love the method and I feel self confident to work with this method. It's great to be part of a community and to have Ann-Marie with all her knowledge and experience to back you up. It's giving me a lot of positive energy! -What does it mean to you to make dreadlocks? Everything! I love to work with Dreadlocks! -What is the best advice that you could give to someone thinking of taking this course? I was in doubt to take the course, but I'm so happy that I took this chance! The course is more than you can expect, if you're willing to invest, not only with money, but also in yourself, than I can definitely recommend it! -Has your life changed after you took the course? Yes, I'm working with Dreadlocks for a long time already, mostly Synthetics. Gaining so much knowledge from Ann-Marie has been wonderful! It makes me feel so much more confident about my work. I love to be able to do Dreadlocks in all kind of ways, Synthetic, Real, with extensions, all is possible now.

Renate Dreadshop

Suddenly realizing that my life has become something grander than I ever dreamed. . I've spent most of my life believing the voice in the back of my head that says I'm not worthy of doing or having anything special. I grew up thinking that things would never get better and that I would always be the same 'nobody' that didn't have the 'right' to anything. I have really, really struggled with this internal battle and even now, as an adult, a wife, a mother of 4, a business owner....those words and feelings still creep in and try to tear me down. . But this week I feel the tethers of negativity releasing their grasp on me. I have been incredibly FILLED with motivation and intention and positive energy as I have spent a few days surrounded by the most beautiful souls at the @seienstyle workshop. Coming to Europe has been a dream of mine and, frankly, not one that I ever thought I would actually get to do. But I have the most supportive husband and the most loving mentor who both believe in me and the grand person that I am, and that I'm worthy of all the greatness that this world has to offer. . A MAJOR THANK YOU to all you amazing and wonderful girls that I met this week and for all the love and support that I feel from you as well. It feels like we're worlds apart but we are all connected at heart. I will never forget this time that I got to spend with you. Moving forward I can't wait to get back home and put all the new knowledge and energy that I have to work in my studio and my personal life.

Lindsey from Usa

-What do you feel that you have learned? In the Seienstyle Professional Loctician course, I have not only learned how to do the technique but much more. The course has guided me to start my own business, promote my work on social media & run a successful salon with amazing clients. Throughout the course I have become connected with the dreadlock community and have connected with locticians and dreadheads around the world. -What are the biggest shifts happening for you after the course? (This can be both dreadlock wise and within yourself) Since finishing the course I have been able to have consistent clientele & work for myself. After 10 years of working countless jobs with undesirable environments & hours, I was able to free myself of that lifestyle. I now have more time for myself & can truly express myself while I am working. My lifestyle has shifted to a healthier day to day mentally, physically and emotionally. -What does it mean to you to make dreadlocks? Creating & maintaining dreadlocks has become much more than a passion & income. It is an expression of art and healing from myself to the client. Being able to help others reflect their true self on the outside is the intention from start to finish. There are many long days & countless hours put into the work but seeing the client radiate self-love at the end of the day makes my heart full and my passion grow. -What is the best advice that you could give to someone thinking of taking this course? For anyone interested in taking this course I highly recommend taking the leap and going for it. If you have a desire to help others and can be dedicated to practice and hard work, this course will guide you down the path of running a successful dreadlock business. Before this course I had tried different crochet techniques & have found Seienstyle to be one of the only methods that have healthy results and neither rips nor damages hair. -Has your life changed after you took the course? Since completing the course I have been able to set up my own salon, work my own hours, consistently gain clientele and travel the world while doing dread work. I am able to spend more time with my family and do what I love. It is the dedication to the craft that Ann-Marie passes on that is the key to success.

Mollie From Las Vegas

“From an regular working hairdresser 10-19 every day and now I have my own company and I can adjust how I want to work. I can take my work with me and travel around in the world. The biggest change is that I'm not tired from work anymore so I just feel very grateful and happy about this new way if living!”

Hanna Johansson of Rubadubaroots

“Besides learning How to make awesome dreadlocks, I have also learned amazing techniques to manage my social media.I am slowly separating myself from being an employee to being self employed and meeting all this awesome dread heads!”

Daniela La Campanela from Natural Mystic of Sweden

“I have learnt a lot! Firstly of course about how to make dreadlocks and also how to approach customers professionally as well as how to think around starting a business. Secondly I have learnt a lot about myself and my approach to this kind of work. Learning by doing is a good way to sum up this experience since I certainly feel practice make perfect. I like working with my hands and having the ability to work wherever I want in the world but mostly I like to help people and see them happy within themselves. If I can give them dreads and they love them- well then I’m happy ”

Mia Giddens form Gaialocks

“I learned a completely different set of skills compared to other dread making training I have done. Because I learned different techniques I have so much more in my tool box! I feel I am a much more skilled dread artist because of taking Ann-Marie’s course. Personally I really believe I came into my own as a dread-maker during this time. Ann-Marie helped me polish my skills which has made me more confident in my dread making. Also doing this work I meet the most amazing and free-spirited people. Dreadlocks make you part of a community.”

Jennifer Tiernan, Dread Artist Hand-Knotted Dreads

“I find out that I have learned the best technique how to make dreadlocks and many more good informations about dreadlocks. That feelining that I am doing the best of me during the making dreadlocks. Finally I feel confidently. It is for me meditation. The time doesn't exist. Definitely. I am satisfied with my work finally, and Ann Marie also show me something more then making dreadlocks. She show me nice, clean and truthfull lifestyle which she is living. Thank you!”

Valeria from Afrohead