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Syntethic dreadlocks hands on training

Synthethic dreadlocks hands on training
Date: 3rd of June
Place: Seienstyle salon in Stockholm
Teacher: Ann-Marie Christell the Founder of Seienstyle
Time: 10 am, we are going to work late in the evening so do not book anything at night.
This is a full day of learning how to create synthetic dreadlocks we are going to work together both on mannequin heads and on real human models so that you can go home feel secure and will be able to offer this as a service to your clients.
You will learn:
  • How to make single ended dreadlocks
  • How to make double ended dreadlocks
  • You will learn how to make curly dreadlocks
  • You will learn how to make the new version of dreadlocks with curly loose hair
  • You will learn Faux locs installation
  • Attachment: pinch braids, braids, fishtail braid

What People Are Saying:

-What do you feel that you have learned? I learnt a ton of practical things. Such as how to do proper pinch braids, how to attach a pre-made dreadlock extender, a different way of performing maintenance, various ways to attach synthetic dreadlocks, dreadlock care and so much more and more and more... How to run my business, how to meet clients, how to gain professional integrity, how to be secure in what I do while still remaining humble and keep learning. -What are the biggest shifts happening for you after the workshop? (This can be both dreadlock wise and within yourself) Seeing all these beautiful humans coming together because they share a passion for hair and dreadlocks proved to me that this is what I want to do. They all had their style and unique expression of the art, and it was so inspiring to see a profession where that is not only accepted, but a precondition. You need to be yourself and express your true self to attract clients that wants to do the same. Even though I am a new loctician, I left feeling proud and encouraged to pursue this professional carer with confidence. -What is the best advice that you could give to someone thinking of taking this workshop? Just do it! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. No matter if you are super experienced or in the beginning of your carer, you have so much to win from attending a workshop. From practical knowledge, hands-on training, to the amazing relationships you create with fellow locticians who are there to share experience and build a beautiful network.

Zarah Dread Vibez

-What do you feel that you have learned? We have learned about eachothers paths and there was an opening to talk about the things were struggling with. There was always hands on advice because you are around people who do the same work as you and offcoure Ann Marie excpert is in working with dreadlocs and owning and running their business. I also feel like my general dreadlock knowledge went up overal, also talking a lot about the after care (including products). -What are the biggest shifts happening for you after the workshop? I felt very inspired after the workshop and wanted to go straight to work with the new things I learned about decoration and synthetic dreadlocks. The biggest thing that has happened I guess is the connection between the locticians, now that we actually got to meet each other it seems way more logic to meet eachother again to work together. -What is the best advice that you could give to someone thinking of taking this workshop? I think this workshop is very good for getting new inspiration and creative new insights. It's so easy to learn from eachother because even though we all use the same teqnique, everyone makes it their own.

Laura From Rebel dreads

I have learned so much in those two days from simple things like not moving the crochet hook, keeping my work space small and standing straight. And also bigger things like getting an LLC for a business license. And so much more like pench braids and synthetic dreadlock installation. Since I left the level up loctician course there have been so many shifts i feel alot more confident in what i am doing. I feel inspired to do at least one dreadlock a day even if it's on a doll head just so I can get the practice. The best advise I would give to someone wanting to take the course is to just do it because you will learn so much and just leave feeling so inspired. I literally sold my camera and worked so hard just so that I could make it there and it was worth every penny. I would do it again. I had the best experience ever!!!

Samirah Shebadreadlock

What do you feel that you have learned? I had no idea how to do root ties, or how to build the extensions as you go. I always made the extensions first and crocheted them in later. I was really happy to get some feedback on my crocheting, because I had only had trial and error experience. I learned how to use thread more effectively, and how to use a variety of crochet hooks. -What are the biggest shifts happening for you after the workshop? (This can be both dreadlock wise and within yourself) I am starting to build a website with as much information as I can put on there, because it's exhausting to go through every piece of information with every client. I don't do online consultations anymore, and I liked being able to see the consult forms so that I can spend more time working on locks instead of consulting, and then I don't end up with surprises (like when a root maintenance turns into a full head repair). I feel more confident in my work now that I know it's based in something proven, and it's not me watching videos and trying stuff on synthetic hair. The workshop renewed my belief in myself and the hair industry and I definitely want to stay involved with all the locticians I met for years to come. What is the best advice that you could give to someone thinking of taking this workshop? Absolutely do it! It was extremely validating to be able to connect with so many others who share the same passion. Go with an open mind, and learn as much as you can. Try everything hands on, and don't be afraid to change your methods or even just incorporate things you learned with things you already do. It was an absolutely wonderful experience that I'm so grateful to have had. Thank you Ann-Marie for putting this together. You guys are doing dreadlocks and the industry a wonderful service.

Kaeley Chapel