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Price list for Seienstyle's Services

Prices for hair fix at Seienstyle, please keep in mind that these are approximate prices, to get a more specific price please come and meet me and I can get a more specific price.

Hair Extension with Real Hair: from 2000-7000kr the price will vary depending on the type of hair you choose to use. And in what way you want it done.

Reattach of real hair extension with pinch braids: 800 kr per hour on average it takes between 1-3 hours to replace a hair extension.

Reattach of a hair extension with a wave: 800kr per hour on average takes between 1-2 hours.

Hair Extension with Synthetic Hair: 2500-4500kr depends on how much hair you want to put in and how long hair you want. If you want to change this hair, the prices above will apply.

Dreadlocks maintenance 800kr per hour, it takes between 2-3 hours to go for a hair. If you want to add extra hair hair to level out some dreads or to work out the tops of your dreads, talk to me to get an estimated price. If you would like to extend or thicken some dreads, there will be an extra cost for the hair extension hair.

Dreads on your own hair Price ranges are between 2500-5500kr depending on how long your hair is and how wide you want loose tops or tops. Making effective peaks takes a lot longer time. Duration 4-7 hours. To get a more specific price contact us. Please call questions!

Dreadlocks with Extension of Real Hair Price ranges from 6000kr to 8000kr time interval between 5-12 hours. The price varies on how much longer dreads you want and even there how long it takes to make them. Everything is done in a day and it's good if you do not have time to spend the night because it's very hard to decide how long it takes to do such a job. (included in the price, the hair extension hair) Please call questions!

Extension of already existing dreads. Around 3500-5500kr it depends on how many dreads you have, how thick they are and how much longer they will be. Time between 4-8 hours. (included in the price, costume for genuine hair straighteners) Please call questions!

Synthetic dreadlocks Price ranges from 3000-4500kr Time-out 4-6 hours (I make synthesis dreads directly on your head. PBS Call for questions!

For all booked times, a deposit will be paid for your time to be booked and ready. You can pay the deposit through the link below:


Booking an appointment:

tel: 0723886721,

Or in our online booking see link below.

NOTE! Some things are not included in the online booking, but you have to call to book them.

If you want to know a more specific price then RING me, you usually need a consultation in the salon to know more specifically what your hair will cost. NOTE! Do not send me any questions about this.
If you are in doubt about what to pick in the reservation call me and we will do it over the phone.

Expect that there is some waiting time between 2-6 weeks.



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