Seienstyle presents:

The Virtual Loctician Conference

Learn the latest techniques in the art of creating, maintaining and styling locs and learn to grow and scale your loctician business from experts that are from all over the world! 

March  2021

The Virtual Loctician Conference is bringing together the BEST Locticians in the industry to help you take the leap to your next level in your loctician business!

Whether you are just starting out and trying to build your clientele, or you’ve been in the game a bit and trying to scale your loctician business...
You will get actionable content, amazing insights and how-to trainings from a diverse range of multicultural loctician experts from all over the world.
So that you can broaden your knowledge and serve your clients in the best possible way.
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How The Virtual Loctician Conference works:


  • Each day includes trainings from our loctician experts that will give you the tools for you to grow as a loctician.
    You can pick and choose which trainings that will be most beneficial for you on your loctician journey.
  • You will get access to the classes inside of The Virtual Loctician Conference portal.
    All trainings are released 8am Eastern Time and you will have 24 hour access to watch the trainings on the day that they are released.
  • You will be invited to join our Facebook group to chat about what you are learning, connect with other locticians and much more!
And did we mention what the best part is?
All of this is totally FREE!
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Who is hosting The Virtual Loctician Conference?

The Virtual Loctician Conference is brought to you by Seienstyle, a digital educational platform for locticians. 
The founder of Seienstyle is Ann-Marie Christell and she is the creator of the Seienstyle process of creating locs, a multicultural loc creating system, and she has over 20+ years of working with locs.
Ann-Marie has also a wide education and vast experience in marketing and business strategies in how to grow your business.
"I created The Virtual Loctician Conference because I felt that this is the kind of event that I myself would like to attend!"

The Virtual Loctician Conference is an opportunity to get FREE access to the best loctician trainings that you can find online!
We can’t wait to see you there!

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March 2021

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-The Virtual Loctician Conference-

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