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Tove Folkesson

You can find me in Göteborg Sweden

I am the creator of CharmyDreads brand. I am educated by Seienstyle and am an official affiliate since 2018. Since I’ve been a kid I have been longing for dreads. It was like a calling from inside to complete myself.  When I finally took the step to get my dreads done it was like a dream came true.
I have met a lot of dreadheads around the world and often I can feel some kind of connection, maybe it’s a mindset or just that we have something in common. However, it’s a blessing to be able to work with this and meet so much interesting people, that each has their own story to tell.

Services offered at Charmydreads:

Dreadlocks on natural hair

Dreadlock Maintenance  

Dreadlocks With Extensions

Dreadlock Extenders 

Dreadlock styling


Slottskogsgatan 1, 


Email: [email protected]


Phone: 0707177483

Hours: Calling hours 10.00-17.00 


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