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Loctician course with Nef from the Uk, see how we make dreadlocks with extensions

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2020

Follow along a day with Nef from the uk doing hands on loctician training together with me in the Seienstyle Salon. In this video we are creating a head of dreadlocks with extensions together. Join the Free video series: The proven path to become a loctician starts on the 5th of March:

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The roadmap to your dream life to your dreamlife workshop

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020
You have huge dreams in your life but you might feel overwhelmed with what is the step that I should take next. It this really taking me towards my goal or not?
You might even feel that I do not have the time…. Like it is a mantra in your head, I do not have the time, I do not have the time for……….
I get it, we are on a daily basis bombarded with things constantly and things that we feel that we need to be updated with, think of how much unnecessary information that we keep on stuffing ourselves on a daily basis just because. No wonder that you feel overwhelmed and almost feel that do you not even dare to dream of new things for your life. 
I get it, I have been there and I do fall back into it now and again. 
My Holliday gift for you is a free workshop tomorrow the 2nd of January:
The roadmap to your dream life
My goal with this workshop is to move you away from overwhelm, be clear on what it is that you want...
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The Seienstyle loctician student work

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2019
“Destniee is a professional hair stylist and cosmetology teacher. She had been looking for a loctician to do her dreadlocks for while when she found me. I created long beautiful dreadlocks using color matched human hair extensions. She was very happy with the result and said she will be a walking advertisement of my beautiful work. We spend a whole day together, seeing and hearing her gratitude during this experience grew my confidence in my own skills and abilities.”

“Kate wanted dreadlocks for years before she had a friend try to do it for her. The attempt was unsuccessful and the waiting for her hair to recover gave time to do more research. She found me on IG via Seienstyle and seized the opportunity to become my hair model for a full head of dreadlocks without any extensions. It’s amazing when people understand dreadlocks is a journey and Kate loves her locs and they are maturing beautifully.”
Student: Zarah Anliot
Find me: Dread Vibez...
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How to make dreadlock decorations

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2019

Learn how to do different dreadlock decorations that you can add to your hair.

Join the live masterclass now and get our how to maintain your dreadlocks class for free:
(this offer ends at the 1st of december)
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FAQ Dreadlocks live: Ask Alin and Ann-Marie anything about dreadlocks!

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2019

Ask us anything about dreadlocks! 
Join our Masterclass how to take care of your dreadlocks at home:
Find Dollylocks dreadlock products here: 
Join one of our Loctician workshops: 
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The benefits of running a dreadlock salon

Are you sitting and dreaming of another way of living?
Are you tired to work for someone else, of having a boss and feeling that your job doesn’t give you any value anymore?
You feel that life should have more meaning than this, the time spent working should be fun and have a meaning to it and you feel that you could give people around you something beautiful.
I totally understand what you’re feeling, 19 years ago I was in the same situation as you, I had a dream, I wanted to work for myself, I wanted to meet more people that had the same values in life as I have, I wanted to be creative and earn money for doing the work that I was passionate about and I wanted to decide when and how much I wanted to work.
My whole life shifted when I jumped on a plane to London and took my first course in dreadlocks and hair extensions by Sonia Petersen from Hairpolice, she was at that time a pioneer in making dreadlocks in America and the Netherlands.
As soon as I...
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