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Seienstyle affiliate tour London! Get your dream dreadlocks today!

We are taking it to the next level and going on tour!

Hey you! This is the Seienstyle affiliates Heidi , Hanna and Tove poppin-in to tell you about this journey we are about to take!  And we really want you in on it, where ever you are! Share this with us cuz it’s to exciting to miss!

So unbelievable how fast time goes when you are having fun! And suddenly it’s already been over a year since the first group , Hanna and Heidi among them , spent a week in Seienstyles salon learning about this technique to start creating beautiful dreadlocks! It started a journey we only imagined in our wildest dreams, doing what we love and doing it good! Running our own businesses making dreadlocks and dreams come thru for a living!

So we decided to take this skill with us out in the world by doing a Seienstyle affiliate DreadlockTour!

Tecniqually that means we are picking a location where we travel to (and we means any of the already affiliated locticians by Seienstyle) ...

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Meet my Affiliate loctician Heidi from Roots & Color from Finland


You can find Heidi here: 

Roots & Color

Herrholmsgatan 15 

68620 Jakobstad
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Ask me anything about dreadlocks Feb 7th

faq Feb 06, 2019

Ask me anything about dreadlocks! 

You can find more info about the course that I will teach life about how to maintain your dreadlocks at home her:

If you have any questions about your dreadlock journey feel free to ask them when I'm live =) 



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Seienstyle Students

seienstyle students Jan 07, 2019

Meet my students that has gone thru training together with me. I have them divided into two parts. The Seienstyle affiliates, they are the students that has gone thru the whole course and have passed all their final exams and done all the extra hair models to be an Seienstyle affiliate.  The other part is the Students that has gone thru the training but have decided not to become an affiliate.

I have decided to make this list because some people are walking around saying that they have been trained by me but they haven't. You also have the people that are going thru the training at this moment. 


The Seienstyle Affiliates

Hanna Johansson - Trollhättan Sweden-

Daniela La Campanela  - Uppsala Sweden-

Emelie Nordqvist - Kungsbacka Sweden- ...

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Dreadlocks in Paris

Uncategorized Jan 05, 2019

A few times per year me and my affiliates are in Paris to get your dream dreadlocks come true. 

The services that I offer are:


Here you can find some images of the work that I have done with dreadlocks:







Contact me to see what dates I will be in Mallorca next and book your appointment today!

[email protected] or phone: 0046723886721

Looking forward to help...

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Kristinas dreadlocks

dreadlocks Dec 30, 2018

This is Kristinas hair before dreadlocks:

Kristinas hair after dreadlocks:

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How to cut dreadlocks shorter

cut dreadlocks Dec 02, 2018

In this video I show you how you can cut your dreadlocks shorter. Look at how I'm holding the sizzors in an angle to make the  dreadlocks become a bit pointy at the end.

If you want to have some loose hair in the end of the dreadlock you can comb out the last part of the dreadlock to be able to get some wipsy ends.

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What is stopping you to go for your dreams?

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2018
The other day I started to think about one of the things that I always ask all my clients that come to my salon to get their hair done and also to all my students.
Why do you want to have dreadlocks?
How long have you been thinking of getting dreadlocks?
The most common answer is:
“I’ve been thinking and thinking and thinking about getting my hair done for years but there has always been something that has been in my way, something has been stopping me.”
When I ask more about it, usually the person doesn’t know what’s been holding them back.
I got this urge to film a video, when I was walking to the salon on a windy November morning, about what it is that is standing in your way to achieve your dreams?
I wish for you to go for your dreams and don’t let anything hold you back!
You deserve the life that you have always dreamed of!
Lots of Love,
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Susanns dreadlocks with extensions

dreadlocks Nov 06, 2018

How long are you going to wait until you get the hair that you have been dreaming of for so long?
This is Susann that came to me a few weeks ago to start her dreadlock journey. She is I’ve 60 years old and had been thinking and thinking of getting her hair dreaded but there was always something in the way, she stubbled across one of my videos on YouTube and felt drawn to me and decided now was the time. She started playing with the dreadlocks as soon as I made them one by one and now she has an amazing head of dreadlocks with some loose hair on the top. 
It is never to late to start your dreadlock journey!

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Loctician license do I need one?

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2018
One of the most common questions that I get is if you have to have a special license in order to be a loctician and run my own dreadlock salon, every country and if you are from America then there might be different laws depending on what state you are from. So I’m going to list information about places thru out the world what is needed if your dream is to become a loctician.
Please contact your own government in order to really know that this information is accurate at this moment. If you find anything that is out of date please email me at [email protected] and I can update this list! Thanks! (It is hard for me to keep track of what is happening in each country at all time phew…..) 

Alabama: Special Braiding License Required more info-
More info about cosmetology license:
Alaska: Full Cosmetology License...
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