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Heidi Seienstyle affiliate shows how to install SE synthetic dreadlocks!

We have got a lot of questions on how to attach single ended dreadlocks into your hair. Heidi my Seienstyle Affiliate in Finland from Root & Color was kind and took the time to do a video and share with all of you how you can attach Single ended dreadlocks into your dreadlocks as a fun decoration. They are really amazing and looking really good and it is an easy way of decorating your dreadlocks with fun colors so that you will feel that they look great!  So if you are tired of your dreadlocks and need a change maybe this can inspire you! 

Do you want to get to know Heidi more check out a live stream that I did with her a few weeks ago:

Do you want to learn more about where to find Heidi find info here:

We would love to hear what more do you want to learn about dreadlocks? 

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Charmydreads lates dreadlock work

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

Hi guys!

My name is Tove I’m the creator of Charmydreads. You can find me in Gothenburg, in the cozy Majorna.

I have always wonder if the only thing I have to look forward to is the retire? The thought of me going to work five days a week and working nine to five for the rest of my life, make me wanna puke. 

When I made the decision to work my ass off to become a dreadlock artist, I didn’t believed that I was going to make it. Why? Because all your entire life you have been taught not to assert yourself. You are not better than anyone else! But the thing is that I don’t think I’m better, I just cannot stand the feeling of being a slave of something I don’t believe in. I had to take a stand and start to do something about it! In less than a year I have educated myself and open up the cutest salon for only dreadlocks creation. The salon is my freezon were I’m the one who make my own rules. When I’m with my clients and help them to create...

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See what happens in the Vip course of the professional loctician course


Part of my online course the professional loctician online course I offer Vip days for the person that feels that they want to have more hands on training. 

Last week I had the honor of spending time together with Jamie from Hair Maiden in Florida USA.  She has been working thru the online course and doing so much amazing work and she came to Sweden to get more hands on help on perfecting the technique and really dive deep into the art of making dreadlocks in order to be able to provide the best possible dreadlock services for her clients. 
For the VIP days I always talk to the student before hand and ask what is it that you want to have out of the days with me, what is it that you really need to work on because all student have different needs and come in with different type of knowledge and I do want to design these days according to what you want and need.
With Jamie she wanted to talk about business and how to...
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How I make dreadlocks with extensions

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2019

I do get a lot of questions about how the Seienstyle techniqe of doing dreadlocks works so I decided to do some short film clips while I was working on my client Johanna. Johanna had tryed dreadlocks 2 times before in her life and both of those times she ended up with a head of dreadlocks that she did not like, it was not at all the dreadlock of her dreams that she wanted. The fun thing while I started working on her dreadlocks and from the first dreadlock that was finished she started playing with it and that is a sign of exitment from the client. She was overwhelmed that she got the head of dreadlocks that she always wanted.

Hope that you will enjoy the video.

Lots of love



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Dreadlocks in Mallorca

On a regular basis a few times per year I spend time in Mallorca and offer my dreadlock services while I'm on this amazing beautiful island that is dear to my heart and my second home.

I'm Ann-Marie the owner of Seienstyle and the creator of the Seienstyle techniqe of doing dreadlocks.

The dreadlock services that I offer are:


Here you can find some images of the work that I have done with dreadlocks:



Looking forward to help...

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Meet my Affiliate loctician Hanna from Rubadubroots from Trollhättan Sweden

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

You can find Hanna at


Kungsgatan 20


(Älvsborgs län)


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Meet my Affiliate loctician Tove from Charmydreads from Göteborg Sweden

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2019

You can find Tove here:

Location: Gothenburg, full adress will be given out when the appointment is booked.

Email: [email protected]

Website: https//

Phone: 0707177483

Hours: Calling hours 15.00-18.00 

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