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Renates journey of having the perfect sytnthetic dreadlock made in China!

Renate from Dreadshop that is one of my students inside the professional online loctician course is sharing her journey of trying to get her factory in china to make the perfect synthetic dreadlock.

I'm so excited!! I'm going to China and have the (in my eyes) perfect Synthetic Dreadlock created!! This will be an exciting journey and it has already started as the visa application was a struggle! Will you follow me in the rest of the process?

Ups and Downs! Nervous. Saying goodbye to my family. Heading to China. The airplane was delayed. Missing my train. All things go wrong. It's taking hours of extra delay... I feel alone. But I'm in China and that's the most important! Check my video to see my trip. Will you follow the rest of my Journey to the Perfect Dreadlock as well?

Woehoe!! I've got the first samples of my Perfect Synthetic Dreadlocks!!! Wanna have a look into the process and see a bit of what I saw in China? Than checkout the video!


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