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Week 1 at Seienstyle hair extension and dreadlock salon

dreadlocks salon Jan 15, 2017
Many people ask me if I do dreadlocks and hair extensions  for a living and if there really are that many dreadheads out there that want their hair done. Yes I’m a hair stylist for a living and I also work with some healing work. 
Most of my days are about making new dreadlocks, taking care of dreadlocks and doing hair extensions and taking some healing clients. 
Well then we have all the other stuff as taking care of our webshop and making tutorial for you and day to day stuff of running a business.
Just to show you what a week in my salon can look like I’ve done a small video to show you all what a week can look like for me. You can see in this video how different all my clients are and Im super happy to show them off for you.

I started Sofias dreadlocks 2 years ago.

She has dreadlocks with extensions and we have left some loose hair on the to create a more flowy look. This time I went thru...
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How old should your dreadlocks be when you do your first deep cleansing, and how do you dry them?

deep clean dry dreadlocks Jan 13, 2017

I have here a question from Liz Marda on Instagram that asked me,

“How old should your dreadlocks be the first time you deep clean them?

And do you have any good advice on how to do that and how to dry them after washing?”

Well, a lot of dreadheads are really into deep cleaning their dreadlocks. It’s a really good thing if you are scared that there’s a lot of dust and scary things are stuck inside of your dreadlocks. To get a really good recipe on how to deep clean your dreadlocks, you should just Google around and see different types of recipes on how different people have made their deep cleans. If you want to buy a kit that is already made; you can buy them from Dollylocks has a kit that is finished with a shampoo and some powder that you can use.

You can find the Dollylocks deep clean kits in our shop here:

So, how old should your dreadlocks be before you start to do your first deep clean?...

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How to dry dreadlocks in a cold climate

dry dreadlocks Jan 10, 2017

Today, I’m going to answer you a question that I got from Instagram from Alfonso: “It’s fall wintertime and it’s getting pretty cold out. What’s the best thing to do to keep my dreads clean and dry up quickly?”

Well, when it’s winter out if you live in a really cold climate like here in Sweden, you really have to think about when you are washing your dreadlocks. So, just take a moment and figure out what day of the week is the best time to wash your hair. If you know that you’re maybe always home on a Saturday, or a Sunday or maybe you’re off on a Monday, plan on washing your dreadlocks during that day and do it in the morning. If you know that you’re going to stay inside all day, that’s a really, really good plan. But what you can do is wash your hair, make sure that you really, really squeeze out the excess water that is still in the dreadlocks when you’re in the tub or in the shower, and just like...

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How to remove lice from dreads

lice Jan 03, 2017

Just the thought of lice freeks me out! Yes I admit it I hate everything to do with lice. Making this video also got my hair to start to itch. 


But I got this question from: lejonlind And now in my kids school they have put up notes about lices in school.. if (really hope not) I got lice in my dreads, how do I do? 😖❤️

And also from Lena: What happens if I get lice? Can you get rid of lice out of dreadlocks?

You don’t have to shave off your dreadlocks off if you get lice don’t worry. There are ways to fix this. Watch the video and you will get my advice on how to get rid of lice from your dreadlocks.

I would love to hear what dreadlocks questions do you have? What do you want to learn about dreadlocks?
Post your questions here and I will answer your questions in videos like this. 

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How to remove lice from dreads

lice Jan 01, 2017

Today, I have from Young Tel a Tzu. “What happens if I get lice? What happens if they appear on my head?”

This is an issue that I get a lot of phone calls from people that have children in school. They kind of freak out when their children get lice and they get these notes home from school saying that there is lice in their kids’ grade. Well, one thing to prevent getting lice is to buy tea tree oil and put it in water.

Use it in a spray bottle and spray yourself and your kids with this and the lice do not like tea tree oil. So, that’s a really good thing you can do to prevent them when you get this note home.

If you get lice into your dreadlocks, you don’t have to cut them off. You should go to the closest pharmacy and talk them about what type of anti-lice shampoo they have. There are different shampoos, gels and different things that you can use to put on your hair to get the lice to die.

What you should look for is – I know over here in Sweden...

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How do you thicken dreadlocks at the root? Can people with really fine hair get dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2016

I get loads and loads of questions about dreadlocks every day in my salon, online etc. It seams that alot of people have so many things they are wondering about dreadlocks.
So I decided to start doing FAQ about dreadlocks videos for all of you to share my knoallage about dreadlocks after working with dreadlocks for over 17 years.

In this video I will answer:
How do you thicken dreadlocks at the root? Can people with really fine hair get dreadlocks?

I would love to hear what dreadlocks questions do you have? What do you want to learn about dreadlocks?
Post your questions here and I will answer your questions in videos like this.

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How to put up your dreadlocks in a dreadlock bun

dreadlock updo Dec 03, 2016

Here you can see an easy way of putting your dreadlocks up in a dreadlock bun.

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How can I prepare my hair for dreadlocks?

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2016


Todays question came from:

The lady luna: “Any advice on preparing for dreads, like preparing your scalp if you are prone to dandruff? I’ve also been trying to find the perfect shampoo. I know everyone’s hair reacts differently, but what’s your favorite?

Well, what you should start to do if you know that you are getting dreadlocks done is to stop using conditioner in your hair. It’s really important because it will be easier for the dreadlock maker or yourself if you’re making the dreadlocks yourself, to actually do the dreadlocks on your hair if it’s not too fine and silky. You’re probably going to feel that it’s a bit weird in the beginning, but don’t worry, you will get it after a while. Also, try to not wash your hair as often because when you have dreadlocks, we recommend that you only wash it – your hair about once a week. So, trying to get into the rhythm of washing your hair once a week is a really...

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