Dreadlock extenders

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Dreadlock extenders

Do you feel that you’re not satisfied with how long your dreadlocks are, maybe you feel that you can’t do those dreadlocks updos that you’ve seen in photos?

The solution is to come to me and extend your dreadlocks!

It doesn’t matter if your dreads are brand new or if you’ve had them for several years, you can extend them and create those long dreads that you’ve always dreamed of.


Find the loctician that is closest to you!

Get those dreadlocks of your dreams!

Be an inspiration for others, wear your dreadlocks proudly!

How does it work?

I’ll get some human hair that matches your dreadlocks and I’ll mix different shades of color that will match your own hair color perfectly.

With the help of a small crochet hook, I’ll weave in the human hair strand by strand in your already existing dreadlock and then the extension is created with the help of backcombing and crocheting

In most cases, I also go through the roots and the whole dreadlock to create a more beautiful overall impression.


How much does it cost to extend your dreadlocks?

The price will on average be between: 4000 - 6000 SEK


How long will the extensions last?

On average, I recommend that you come by for maintenance of your dreads and also your extensions once per year for them to last longer.

If you do this, you’ll be able to have them for many years.

How do you take care of extensions of dreadlocks?

Rule number one when it comes to dreadlocks is that you should use a shampoo that’s for dreadlocks, this will make your hair to get matted faster and your dreads will also become a lot more beautiful from it.

Washing your dreads one to two times per week is super important because it’s when you wash the dreads that they get matted.

Once you’ve been to me, you’ll get a care cheat on how to take care of dreadlocks so that you’ll learn how to take care of them properly.

Find the loctician that is closest to you!

Seienstyle is a sustainable hair salon

For me it is super important to work as eco friendly and non-toxic as possible and have an enviroment around me that is a reflection of this. Everything that I use in the salon is eco friendly and I work with holistic hair methods that gives a possibility to help you from the inside and out.

Find one of my students close to you!

You can find students all over the world that are trained in Seienstyle's unique technique of doing dreadlocks. Click on the link below to find one of Seienstyle's affiliates close to you.

"I had the best time with Ann-Marie and got the prettiest dreads in the process! So professional and good, the time really flies when you have fun! I will never go anywhere else for my dread needs! "

Sanna Von Walden

"I had a great time and got some wonderful locks! So happy! "

Alexis Wiklund

"Jag fick ett varmt och professionellt bemötande av Ann-marie. Jag är jätte nöjd och är en stolt bärare av dessa vackra dreads kreationer. Tack så mycket för ditt fina arbete du är helt grym ! "

Hanna Soon Ah Wickman

"Varmt och fint bemötande. Ann-Marie är mån om att möta kundens önskemål och jag kunde inte vara mer nöjd."

Jojo Ulvsdotter

"Had my new dreads done yesterday and it was some really great work done by AnnMarie! Would recommend it to anyone who wants their dreads made properly from the beginning "

Emma Pros

"Ann-Marie är så professionell och duktig på det hon gör! Mina dreads så fina (& så många) och jag är supernöjd! Gillar också att salongen/studion är en lugn och mysig oas med mycket blommor Känns välkomnande och ombonat. "

Åsa Lövgren

"Ann-Marie gjorde mina dreads för första gången och jag kunde inte vara nöjdare! Verkligen proffsigt gjort och jag fick dom precis som jag ville. Rekommenderas varmt"

Mikaela Sivén

"Drottning Dreadlock gjorde det igen! Hon är bäst helt enkelt. Snabb som en iller och prisvärd"


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