Dreadlocks with extensions

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Dreadlocks with extensions

Are you one of those who dream about that big, long hair of dreadlocks, but you feel that it’s an impossible dream to achieve because you have short and thin hair?

In that case, dreadlocks extensions are the solution for your dream to come true.

What’s the procedure for making dreads with extensions?

With the help of human hair, I will mix different shades of color that will match your own hair color perfectly.

This will get you to have a long and flowy hair of dreadlocks that will look so real that no one will know that it’s not just your own hair.

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How does it work?

For the last 18 years, I have been working with dreadlocks daily and through several educations and lots of hours I have developed my own method that gives you dreadlocks which will both mature fast and look beautiful right away when you leave my salon.

The method that I have developed works like this – I start by tying a synthetic fiber thread close to the scalp and then the dread builds up by me backcombing and crocheting the hair together with the help of a unique crocheting technique to the desired shape that you want.

Once I have finished working on the dread on your own hair, I will weave the matching hair extension into your own hair, I will then continue with backcombing and crocheting until the dread has the desired length.

This technique works on all types of hair, it doesn’t matter if you have typically thin Scandinavian hair, Asian, Latin or if you have Afro hair, this method works on everybody!

How long hair do I need?

Your hair need to be at least 10 cm long to be able to do dreadlocks with extensions on your hair.

How long does it take to do dreadlocks with extensions at your salon?

To do an entire hair of dreadlocks with extensions is something that is extremely time consuming.

You can expect to be with me at the salon between 6-12 hours, it’s very hard to determine exactly how long it will take and it’s good if you don’t have an appointment to keep in the evening and let it take the time it takes.

How long will dreadlocks with extensions last?

The durability of dreadlocks extensions can last for several years, keep in mind that if you use light shades you should go through the extensions once a year to ensure that they haven’t been worn too much.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to come by for at least one maintenance per year to ensure your dreadlocks will last for a long time.

Find the loctician that is closest to you!

Pricing Options

The price for dreadlocks can vary depending on how big head you have and how long it takes to do your dreads. This price range is for a full head of dreadlocks with extensions. Please contact me for a more specific price. Please note that the cost of hair is included in the price.


6000 SEK

Find the loctician that is closest to you!



Find the loctician that is closest to you!

Seienstyle is a sustainable hair salon

For me it is super important to work as eco friendly and non-toxic as possible and have an enviroment around me that is a reflection of this. Everything that I use in the salon is eco friendly and I work with holistic hair methods that gives a possibility to help you from the inside and out.

Find one of my students close to you!

You can find students all over the world that are trained in Seienstyle's unique technique of doing dreadlocks. Click on the link below to find one of Seienstyle's affiliates close to you.

"I had the best time with Ann-Marie and got the prettiest dreads in the process! So professional and good, the time really flies when you have fun! I will never go anywhere else for my dread needs! "

Sanna Von Walden

"I had a great time and got some wonderful locks! So happy! "

Alexis Wiklund

"Jag fick ett varmt och professionellt bemötande av Ann-marie. Jag är jätte nöjd och är en stolt bärare av dessa vackra dreads kreationer. Tack så mycket för ditt fina arbete du är helt grym ! "

Hanna Soon Ah Wickman

"Varmt och fint bemötande. Ann-Marie är mån om att möta kundens önskemål och jag kunde inte vara mer nöjd."

Jojo Ulvsdotter

"Had my new dreads done yesterday and it was some really great work done by AnnMarie! Would recommend it to anyone who wants their dreads made properly from the beginning "

Emma Pros

"Ann-Marie är så professionell och duktig på det hon gör! Mina dreads så fina (& så många) och jag är supernöjd! Gillar också att salongen/studion är en lugn och mysig oas med mycket blommor Känns välkomnande och ombonat. "

Åsa Lövgren

"Ann-Marie gjorde mina dreads för första gången och jag kunde inte vara nöjdare! Verkligen proffsigt gjort och jag fick dom precis som jag ville. Rekommenderas varmt"

Mikaela Sivén

"Drottning Dreadlock gjorde det igen! Hon är bäst helt enkelt. Snabb som en iller och prisvärd"


"Fanns bara ett ställe jag kunde tänka mig gå till. Jag är så fruktansvärt nöjd, trevligt proffesionellt bemötande, mysig ateljé, och jätte trevlig pratstund ☺️ Älskar mina dreads och finns bara Ann-Marie som jag kommer gå till. Rekommenderar starkt Seinestyle om man vill få sina dröm dreads."

Emelie Modigh

"Jag har nyligen varit hos Ann-Marie där hon gjorde dreads av mitt hår. Jag har tidigare haft dreads i omgångar men aldrig varit riktigt nöjd varesig med storlek, uppdelning eller utförande. Men efter att ha varit hos henne känns det helt rätt och perfekt! Så oerhört professionell med den bästa dreadshanteringen jag varit med om. Jag kommer aldrig gå någon annanstans! Jag rekommenderar henne varmt till alla som önskar sig dreads"

Linnéa Lundgren

"Jätte trevlig tar sig verkligen tid för dig ser till att du känner dig hemma. Jag är super nöjd med mina dreads vart just som jag tänkt mig. Kan verkligen rekommendera att gå hit. Tack för trevliga timmar!"

Erika Cederroth

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